Are you a plastic supplier?

Getting ongoing access to new sources of plastic waste is an integral part of our efforts to prevent plastic waste from polluting the environment and getting dumped in landfills.

We are particularly interested in PP, PS and PE. Are you a waste facility manager, plastic broker or otherwise have access to significant amounts of these plastic types? We'd like to hear from you. Reach out through the form below and we'll contact you soon.

High-density polyethylene

Bottles, grocery bags, milk jugs, recycling bins, agricultural pipe, base cups, car stops, playground equipment, and plastic lumber



Plastic bags, six pack rings, various containers, dispensing bottles, wash bottles, tubing, and various molded laboratory equipment

PP plastic


Auto parts, industrial fibres, food & storage containers, reusable plastic bottles and dishware

PS plastic


Desk accessories, cafeteria trays, plastic utensils, coffee cup lids, toys, video cassettes and cases, clamshell containers, packaging peanuts, and insulation board and other expanded polystyrene products